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    Getting to Know Your Coffee


    What is the difference between a latte and a flat white?  Why do Italians drink small coffees?  How do I become a coffee expert?


    Welcome to our coffee guide designed to help you navigate the world of coffee with ease.


    We hope to provide practical and useful information to help you learn more about the liquid gold that we all know and love, coffee!


    Understanding the terminology


    Here is a quick and simple guide to the different coffee serve terms that are commonly used. 


    Name Meaning Serve Size Description
    Espresso or Short Black Espresso = express or fast coffee

    A single shot of coffee

    25ml – 30ml of coffee pouring for 30 seconds with an attractive honeycomb coloured crema – 3 mm thick


    Ristretto = restricted or restrained Served in a demitasse cup (approx 60 ml)

    15ml coffee pouring for 20 seconds 


    Named after the capuchin monks Serve in a regular cup 180ml A single shot of espresso 25 – 30ml, steamed milk to a temperature of 60 degrees, poured immediately whilst the froth and hot milk are still mixed. The level of froth should be 10 – 15 mm. Garnished with chocolate powder
    Café latte  A milky coffee Served in a latte glass (approx 220ml) A single shot of espresso(25 – 30ml) with steamed milk to 60 degrees.  When the milk and froth have separated in the glass there should be approximately 10 mm of froth remaining)
     Flat white An Australian variation with less froth than a café latte  Regular cup approx 180ml A single shot of espresso (25 – 30ml) with steamed milk only and 2mm of froth
     Caffe Macchiato  Macchiato = stain or mark Served in a warmed shot glass approx 100ml A single shot of espresso (25 – 30ml) with a small amount of milk and froth into the middle of the crema to stain the coffee (approx a teaspoon full)
    Piccollo Café Latte  Small café latte  Served in a glass (approx 100ml) A single shot of espresso 25ml – 30ml with steamed milk to 60 degrees.  When milk and froth have separated in a glass there should be approx. 5mm of froth.
     Long black An Australian variation.  Sometimes  known as an Americano  Serve in a regular cup 180ml A single or double shot of espresso (25 – 30ml each) and add hot water to the espresso to taste
    Doppio Espresso  Doppio means double  Serve in a Macchiato glass (approx 100ml) A double shot of espresso 50 – 60ml 
    Mocca  Chocolate and coffee mixed together Serve in a large cup (approx 240ml) A single shot of espresso (25 – 30ml) with two heaped teaspoons of chocolate powder and steamed milk
    Affogato Drowned Serve in attractive glass (approx 200ml) Add 2 scoops of Gelato or ice cream.  Pour over a single shot of espresso 25 – 30ml.
    Iced Coffee Chilled coffee drink Serve in an attractive glass (approx 240ml) A single or double shot of espresso, with cold milk, ice cubes and optional whipped cream
    Vienna Traditional cream based coffee Serve in a large glass A long black using doppio ristretto or a single espresso shot with whipped cream and garnished with chocolate powder