Coffee Capsules Changing for the Better 

Launch of Ethical Coffee Company 100% Biodegradable Coffee Capsules in Australia

The quest for the perfect coffee matched with simple convenience has borne witness to significant growth in the household coffee capsule machine.  Spurred on by high profile global campaigns, expanding flavour ranges and fancy boutiques, Australians are now consuming between 2.5 and 3 million coffee capsules per day …. that is enough used capsules to fill an Olympic swimming pool every 14 days!

“It’s an epidemic that has every day consumers, as well as environmentalists, up in arms” claims Michael Scott, MD of the EcoCaffe Company.

“Coffee lovers are torn between a great tasting at-home coffee experience on the one hand, and creating mountains of rubbish on the other hand.  Aluminium and plastic coffee capsules are clogging up our landfill on a daily basis with some of them taking more than 500 years to biodegrade, if at all” explained Scott.

Scott states that this internal conflict has caused the emergence of a new phenomenon which he is calling “Pod Stress”. This serious new condition suffered by over one million Australians, two or three times every day, when forced to put environmentally damaging plastic or aluminium coffee pods in their rubbish.

If you or someone you know suffers from this, then stress no longer – is launching the world-leading Ethical Coffee Company’s range of 100% biodegradable coffee pods for Nespresso* machines in Australia. Unlike the alternatives made of plastic or aluminium, the Ethical Coffee Company coffee capsule is made from vegetable fibre and starch, enabling the capsules to biodegrade after use within six months, rather than sit in landfill for over 500 years.

Developed by the Ethical Coffee Company after nearly a decade of research and development, the launch of these environmentally-friendly coffee capsule in Australia means that enjoying a high quality coffee experience  doesn’t come at the expense of the environment any longer..

CEO and Founder of the Ethical Coffee Company and ex-Nespresso* chief J.P. Galliard proudly claims “At the Ethical Coffee Company, we focus on the quality of our products and aim to ensure the best possible impact on our environment.  What comes from the earth is returned to the earth within 180 days.”

EcoCaffe launches the Ethical Coffee Company range online and in a limited retail store trial in Australia on 23rd November 2014 to coincide with World Espresso Day.

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