The secret to a better cup of morning joe might simply be choosing the right colored coffee mug.

The color of a coffee mug can alter the way coffee tastes, according to a recent study, which was conducted in Australia, and tested the influence that three different colored mugs—one white, one blue, and one clear glass—had on the perception of different flavor points. The researchers served 18 participants the same cup of coffee, in one of the three similarly shaped but differently colored vessels, and then asked them to rate their sweetness, aroma, bitterness, quality, and acceptability.

What they found is that the coffee-drinkers tended to experience the same cup of coffee differently depending on the color of the glassware they drank it from.

"The color of the mug really does seem to have an impact," said Charles Spence, head of the crossmodal research laboratory at Oxford University and one of the study's authors. "We found a particularly significant difference between the white mug and the clear one."

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