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    Facts About Our Coffee

    First class coffee that respects the best Italian traditions.

    Our coffee comes from the best Arabica crops from Columbia, Central America, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sumatra, India, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Peru, Brazil and other quality berry growing locations. Our goal is simple: to guarantee the highest quality of sources for our coffee at all times.

    Once we have sourced the berries the next step is the roasting ritual, or the art of teasing out the aromas; turning the green coffee into roasted beans. To do this the temperature is slowly increased to 220°C, at which point the green coffee is cooled and emerges as finely roasted, fragrant beans. These are then ground using proven processes that are best suited to produce traditional espresso. The roasting stage is slow and the reward is the quality that ends up in your cup with all of the flavours packed in.

    The design and technology of the Ethical Coffee Company capsule is an exclusive and patented design.  Apart from the fact that it is biodegradable, the capsule reproduces a genuine Italian espresso: extracting the very best from the ground coffee, according to the art of the profession. 

    Our capsules are compatible with most Nespresso®* machines and the result is a first class espresso that respects the best Italian traditions.

    When you place an Ethical Coffee Company capsule in a machine and press the espresso or lungo button, a series of invisible actions take place:  during the first three seconds the pressure rises and the grounds becomes infused with water; the membrane is exploded, this is the famous "pop" associated with the Ethical Coffee capsule ; The nectar then slowly pours out.


    (*Excluding professional machines, Gaggia, Saeco and Siemens machines, built-in models (Miele) and capsule-holder machines.)

    Our Supreme Range


    The Legendary Crema

    First you taste with your eyes, then with your mouth. The perfect espresso is instantly recognisable.  Looking at the crema (the cream or foam) on an espresso tells you an awful lot about the quality of the coffee and the machine. The crema must be between 3 and 4mm thick and  the colour should be somewhere between hazelnut and fawn. If it is too dark and more than 4mm thick, it isn’t a real Italian espresso.

    The crema needs to be light, but also thick and creamy, aromatic and long-lasting. From the first sip it should be delicate, with a hint of a roasted flavour. It must be natural, without any additives, and it should not remain in the bottom of the cup once you’ve finished. You should be able to spoon the foam of a good espresso into your mouth.

    If it is too heavy, thick and a bit bitter, it can betray the inferior quality of the espresso. The same is true if it is too foamy.

    Last but not least, the foam of a real espresso gradually disappears as you drink, letting the coffee and aromas take centre stage.