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    Authentic Espresso


    Authentic espresso combines art and science for the quintessential Italian coffee experience.

    Espresso is made by forcing hot water slowly through finely ground coffee at a high pressure. Enjoying an espresso is an intense pleasure, best savoured in small doses.

    With the Ethical Coffee Company capsule, all the rich aromas of the coffee are brought out at high pressure. And just like in all the best Italian bars, our coffee comes out of any machine in between about 25 and 30 seconds, the perfect extraction time.

    If the extraction process happens too quickly, it either means that the coffee is too coarsely ground or that the pressure is not high enough.

    Thanks to its patented capsule design and extraction technology, the Ethical Coffee Company biodegradable capsule draws out the quintessential perfection of the highest quality coffees.

    By offering exquisite blends, roasted according to Italian traditions, we are giving you a new way of enjoying your espresso in all its glory. The Ethical Coffee Company capsule is the only capsule on the market that is entirely closed allowing an extraction under high pressure, reproducing the “Italian Barista” style of extraction. Other capsules do not operate under pressure and essentially perform in the same manner as filter coffee.  Apart from Nespresso® it is the only true Italian Espresso.