10 ways to waste less in 2022

How to produce less waste in the New Year?

The New Year is the time for setting new intentions for the way you want to live your life. Many of us set goals to be healthier, exercise more, be more successful, spend more time with family and so on, but what about our goals for being more environmentally friendly?

Here are 10 goals you can set for the new year to make 2022 your most eco-conscious yet and ways to waste less!

1. Make the switch to compostable/ biodegradable coffee capsules. 

This wouldn't be an EcoCaffe post if we didn't start by plugging our own Dingo Republic coffee capsules. With Australians consuming 3 million coffee pods daily, every compostable/ biodegradable pod is saving the earth from another item that will take hundreds of years to break down.



2. Always use reusable on the go cups.

Whether you are taking your Dingo Republic coffee with you to work or planning an on the go coffee date with a friend, having a reusable coffee cup on hand is the best way to ensure your coffee consumption is having minimal impact on the environment.

TIP: keep a spare cup in the boot of your car at all times.


3. Say no to plastic straws.

This is especially relevant to our Ice Latte drinkers. Get yourself a nice set of glass or metal straws, or opt for a folding straw so you always have one on you when you're out and about.

REMEMBER: If you're buying takeaway, remember to always tell your server not to give you a straw. The same rule applies to single-use utensils when buying takeaway food.


4. BYO bags.

Since all the primary grocery stores have banned plastic bags we should all be getting better at bringing our own bags when doing our food shops but what about our other shopping? You know that sinking feeling when you realise you have forgotten your bags? Instead of buying the plastic, paper or yet another tote bag just keep a stash in your boot and make a pledge to always take your bags back to the car as soon as you have unloaded the products.

GO THE EXTRA MILE: To incentivise yourself even further, why not force yourself to be that person juggling all your groceries bagless?


5. Ditch the packaging.

Unfortunately, many items are still impossible to buy without the packaging, but there are now many options for ditching the waste. Whether it is going to a bulk produce store, the markets or even using Woolies and Coles packaging-free sections for your nuts and relevant produce. Some stores are now offering more and more refill stations, so get informed and find out what you can get packaging free. Again, get yourself some jars and containers and leave them in your car so they are ready for your next grocery trip.


6. Go reuseable in the kitchen.

There are so many ways to cut the waste in the kitchen, but here are a few. Stop buying paper towel, cling wrap and baking paper and instead resort to tea towels, beeswax wraps and oven safe silicone. Also, make sure you have plenty of Tupperware for storing food and for taking food on the go.


7. Water bottles.

With 373 million plastic water bottles end up as waste each year in Australia, it is time to get in the habit of bringing your reusable water bottle with you EVERYWHERE. If you are the type of person who struggles with drinking water it may take time but start referring to it as if it were as important as your keys when you leave home. With so many refill stations, there are really no excuses for buying water.


8. Convert to bar hygiene products.

Think about all the body wash and hair products you consumed in 2021 and imagine a life free from all that waste. With so many new alternatives for soaps, shampoo and conditioner, why not try out a few? Not only will your shower look more aesthetic, but you aren't adding to landfill.


9. Loose leaf tea.

As coffee drinkers this one may not be so relevant, however, did you know that teabags contain plastic? If you are one to enjoy a cuppa in the afternoon or entertain others that do to it might be time to invest in a strainer or teapot.


10. Learn to compost.

If you have not started composting properly already this is your year. In the next blog, we will be breaking down all our tips for composting.


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