5 Organic/ Vegan Chocolates You Must Try!!!

Did you know, Ethical Coffee by EcoCaffe is the only certified organic, Fairtrade and vegan, vegetable coffee capsule in the market??? What might also come as a shock is that most other coffee capsules contain Shellac which most people don’t know is made using the Lac beetle and is not vegan.

Lac Beetle Shellac Vegan Facts

So what goes better with organic/ vegan coffee than organic/ vegan chocolate. Here’s our top picks.


Loving Earth

Loving Earth is an incredible chocolate brand with a vast range of flavours that we can’t stop eating.

Loving Earth Vegan Organic Chocolate

Jax Cave

Top picks (because we couldn’t pick just one)

Nutty Mr Maple

Want a chocolate with added crunch you can’t go back this sweet dark chocolate backed by crunchy almonds. Try it with Tinto or Peru Soave.

Loving Earth Organic Vegan Chocolate Nutty Mr Maple Ethical Coffee

Turkishly Delightful

Are you a fan of the sweet Turkish treat, this strong chocolate has a berry-licious undertone from sweet dried cranberries to mock a real Turkish delight. Mix it up with a Jenena or Risretto.

Loving Earth Organic Vegan Chocolate Turkishly Delightful

Coffee Ka-pow

We could not neglect the supreme flavour combo itself. What better way to drink your favourite ethical beverage than with a chocolate to match. (Your taste buds will meet heaven with this one).

Loving Earth Organic Vegan Chocolate Coffee Ka-Pow


Slightly less known, Pico’s organic chocolate range has introduced a vegan selection and they are extremely addictive.

Organic Coconut

Pico Organic Fair-trade Vegan Chocolate Ethical Coffee


Sweetened with coconut nectar and made creamy with coconut milk this chocolate utilises nature’s most versatile ingredient to create our new favourite chocolate! Best served with Kikombe or Espresso Forte.


Pana Chocolate

With a crazy selection of funky chocolate flavours Pana had to make the list.


Pana Vegan Chocolate Ethical Coffee

If you are wanting a chocolate which is, well, chocolatey, minus the hidden sugars and animal products you will love the deep, rich and intense flavours of this strong 80% cocoa chocolate flavour. Our verdict- perfect afternoon treat with your Lungo Classic or Forte coffee.

Search our full range of Organic/ Fair-trade/ Vegan coffees here...

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