Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

The Coffee

Where are your coffees sourced from?

Are your coffees fairtrade and organic?

What is Espresso coffee?

Why do your products have different cup sizes?

How do I know which variant I should buy?

What do I do if I prefer more water than milk in my coffee?

Is the foam different?

What water should I use to make my coffee?

The Capsules

How can you claim your capsules are biodegradable?

What does biodegradable mean?

Do your capsules contain plastic?

Do your capsules contain aluminium?

How long do your capsules last?

What is the difference between your coffee capsules and Nespresso®?

Can I use your capsules in my Aldi or Caffitaly machine?

What is the difference between your capsules and ones I buy in the supermarket?

Can I put your capsules in my green waste?

Will your capsules damage my Nespresso® machine?

Are your capsules compatible with all Nespresso® machines?

What should I do if I think the capsule has damaged my machine?

Will using your capsules void my machine’s warranty?

Why does your capsule make a “pop” sound when I use it?

What do I do if the capsule becomes stuck in my machine?

My lever is more difficult to close using your capsules, why is this so?

What happens if I can’t insert the capsule in my machine?

What happens if the capsule does not work in my machine?


Where can I buy your products?

What happens if I change my mind after I have placed my order?

What options do you offer for payment?

How do your subscription services operate?

How do I stop a subscription service?


How quickly will my order be despatched?

When will my order be delivered?

What happens if I am not home when a delivery is made?

Do you ship internationally?

What service do you use for your deliveries?

Why do I have to pay for delivery?

What happens if my delivery is damaged?

Do you offer refunds?