Australia's Ban on the Plastic Bag

It appears Australia is FINALLY following in the footsteps of other countries when it comes to the ban of one-time use plastic bag.

Plastic Bag Ban Laws Australia wide

South Australia, Northern Territory, ACT and Tasmania have already placed bans on the plastic bag. Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria will follow their lead, implementing their own laws in July. However, New South Wales appears to be lagging behind...

Supermarket chains such as Aldi have never allowed plastic bags but it appears the big two are going to follow. Woolworths on June 20th and Coles on July 1st.

Turtle Plastic Bag Ban

It is a monumental moment for Australia as we finally make a move in reducing our overconsumption of plastic. From July onwards Australians will be forced to bring their own reusable bags to the shops with them and we are not upset about it.

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