3 Reusable Coffee Cups to Reduce Waste

If you haven’t already heard disposable coffee cups aren’t as environmentally friendly as most Australians previously thought. Most paper cups contain hidden plastic contents which make them extremely difficult to recycle and are instead ending up in landfills. The ABC also crowned disposable coffee cups as the “second largest contributor to litter in this country, behind plastic bottles”.

 Disposable Coffee Cup Waste

In light of these finding we’ve compiled our 3 favourite reusable coffee cups that will help you save the planet, one coffee at a time.


Original and Classic

If you’re looking for a reliable cup that has been crowned the top pick by Choice Magazine you can’t go past the classic KeepCup.


Here’s why;

- Highest user trial score

- Popular design, wide colour range

- All parts are replaceable

- Easy to carry

- Hard to break, durable

- Sealable lid

- Cover over the drinking hole protects it from dirty handling

At EcoCaffe we fell so in love with these cups and sticking by our promise to to give our customers ecofriendly solutions for great coffee at home and on the go, we are now stocking the KeepCup.

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Stylish and Hip

If you want to stand out as the fashionista you are, you can now sip your coffee in style with a Glass Coffee Traveller. 

Not only will your eco-friendly actions be respected by your peers but you will look awesome doing it. 

Reusable coffee cup reduce waste ioco


Keep your beverage hot and your hands cool in this double-wall glass travel cup, mug designed for hot liquids.

As an added bonus these mugs are completely dishwasher save so no need to fret!

P.s Keep your eyes peeled for the new generation - coming soon!


Wild and Native

Take a walk on the wild side with a bamboo reusable cup. This fresh take on multi-use mugs are made with natural bamboo fibre with a resealable 'no-drip' lid. We had to include these environmental cups our list.

 Bamboo Reusable coffee cup ecoffee

ecoffee cup

Combine EcoCaffe’s delicious, biodegrable, ethical coffee capsules and use a KeepCup for on the go coffee drinking to ensure you’re keeping the earth clean.