When you think of mornings what do you think?

Coffee, smoothies, packing food for the day?

Here are our 4 tips to help you start your day off the eco way!

smoothie reusable straw

For many of us breakfast = smoothies and smoothies = straws. The amount of unnecessary plastic these, one time use straws cause is RIDICULOUS!!! If you want to use a straw to devour your nourishes, fruity drink try opt in for stainless steel or glass multi-use choices.

  ethical coffee biodegradable coffee capsules EcoCaffe

What's a morning without coffee? If you're making yours from home make sure you are using biodegradable coffee capsules. Check out the ethical coffee range here (P.s. they are also organic, fair trade and vegan WIN WIN!) 

keepcup reusable coffee cup

If you're going to a cafe for your takeaway wake me up instead make sure you're bringing a KeepCup. Baristas are all more than happy to replace their one-use cups for a reusable one all you have to do is ask! Buy yours here!

reusable food wrapper

Finally, when it comes to taking your food on the go. Don't simply reach for a plastic zip-lock bag. Not only are these ridiculously expensive but you can now buy reusable options which work just as well and can be used again and again!

We hope you enjoyed these tips. If you did please be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily eco hacks and be sure to check out the EcoCaffe range.