Change up your cleaning routine to be more sustainable!

Did you know that your current cleaning routine probably incorporates products that are not good for the environment or your health?

Don't worry we've got you covered! Here are 3 simply alternatives to make cleaning more sustainable!

Coconut fibre scrub pad

Coconut fibre scrub pad

I know, I know. What on earth is this and why do I need it? Well, you know those scratchy tools you use, yep they are all made from plastic. Coconut fibre is totally biodegradable and hygienic so you really cannot go wrong! 

Biodegradable sponge cloth

biodegradable sponge cloth

When looking for a sponge cloth, search for something not only washable but biodegradable so when your done with it, you can chuck it in the compost and let nature do the work for you!


nontoxic cleaners

It is so easy to simply jump at the cheapest cleaner in the supermarket but when it comes down to the environment and your health you need to read the label. Make sure what you are buy is toxin-free and does not contain ingredients such as palm oil that are destroying our rainforests!

This is especially important for dish cleaners and soaps that can be physically ingested into the body.

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