Compatible Nespresso Machines

Which Nespresso® Coffee Capsule Machine is suitable for Espressorium Coffee?

Our capsules from Pressogno (available online, at SPAR and selected retailers) are guaranteed 100% compatible with the Nespresso machines.


  • DeLonghi
  • Breville
  • KitchenAid
  • Krups
  • Koenig
  • Turmix

Compatible Models

  • Citiz
  • Lattissima Plus and Pro
  • U
  • Maestria and Gran Maestria
  • Pixie
  • Essenza
  • Inissia
  • Le Cube
  • KitchenAid

*Simply contact us if you are unsure about the compatibility of your machine.

*Excludes professional machines, Siemens machines, built-in models (Miele), Nespresso U with automatic piercing, brewing & ejection of capsules and the very old capsule-holder machines.

Compatible Nespresso Machines

Has the compatibility been tested?

Yes. K-Tipp, a leading European consumer magazine performed a test with 12 Nespresso coffee machines and 8 Coffee Capsule brands.

Capsules from these brands fit into all machines and are 100% compatible with the machines tested:

You can find the full details by clicking on this link: Full Details of compatibility Test

Do the new Nespresso® machines destroy your capsules?

No. The technical modifications that Nespresso® machines have undergone in 2013 in no way impact the functionality of our Pressogno capsules. In a test done by a large European Consumer Magazine Pressogno achieved a score of 100%.

Our capsules are guaranteed 100% compatible with all the latest Nespresso® machines.

Guaranteed 100% Nespresso® machine compatible

Will my Nespresso® machine warranty be lost if I use Pressogno capsules?

No, the manufacturer can not refuse to provide services while your machine is still under warranty.

Tipp: If your Nespresso machine stopped working and is out of warranty, Nespresso offers a repair service for $75. This includes pick-up, repair, delivery and even a loan machine while your machine is being repaired!

Can your Nespresso® Compatible Capsules be recycled and are they safe to use?

We can confirm that our Capsules are absolutely safe to use and can be recycled.

  • BPA free plastic
  • 100% recyclable Polypropylene with high melting point
  • Non-toxic
  • 90% of all Nespresso compatible capsules use Polypropylene
  • Our capsules come with an Aluminium lid

Maintenance tips for producing the perfect Espresso

The quality of your Pressogno coffee depends on the machine used and how it is maintained. Here are some tips:

  • After each use of your machine, it is recommended to run water (without a capsule in the machine) for around 6 seconds in order to avoid the deposit of the coffee ground within the flow system. For automatic machines, just press the "espresso button".
  • To maintain the optimum temperature and quality of your espresso, descale your machine regularly. There is special cleaning equipment that has been especially designed for the Nespresso® machines and its components. It is not recommended to use vinegar, as it may damage your machine.
  • As the quality of water is essential for a good espresso, we also advise that you refill the water tank on a daily basis.
  • Please consult the manual that came with your machine for specific maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

30 Day "no questions asked" Money Back Guarantee

To give customers the extra comfort, we are more than happy to give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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