Healthy Vegan Chocolate Recipe

So we've talked about the best organic, fair-trade, vegan to go with your coffee but now we have something even better...

Not only is this recipe more delicious than any you could find in store, it is most likely quicker to make than the purchase and best of all CHEAPER (in the long run)!

Oh and did we mention this chocolate is cane sugar free (can be entirely sugar free based on your specific ingredients).

The flavour I went for was coconut and nut but I will include some variations at the bottom if you want to add or subtract an ingredient.

Here's what you'll need...

3 HEAPED tblsp Cacao Powder (or cocoa powder if that is what you have. Find benefits...)

3 tblsp Coconut Butter (soft)

1-2 tblsp Coconut oil (soft)

3 tblsp Nut Butter (I used 2 tbls of cacao spread by Mayvers and 1 tblsp Coco2 cacao, hazelnut and coconut by Pure Harvest.)

1 cup coconut shreds

1 cup nuts (I used almonds)

Pinch of Salt (use sea salt or pink Himalayan)


Soften Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil by heating then in a microwave or thaw in the sun or bolting water. (I try to thaw in order to ensure the substances are soft but not liquid).

Chop nuts into small pieces.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl until smooth and even.

Spread evenly in a long container or tray on a baking sheet.

Leave in freezer to set for 1-2hrs.

Break into small choc pieces and enjoy.

Best stored in freezer.

Alternatives and add ons

Cacao Butter- cacao butter is often expensive but if you have it you can substitute it for coconut butter or in conjunction.

Nut butter options- Use whatever you have, try to ensure the ingredients are all natural and do not contain processed sugars or additives. Some good options could be Mayvers  almond butter, peanut butter or another combination of theirs.

Nut options- Use your favourite nuts. Some good options would be walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts or macadamia ( you could even use seeds such as sunflower or pepita for a healthier crunch.)

Dried Fruit- Think cranberries, goji berries (I used these in half my batch and they were delicious. Find benefits here.) or any other sugar and preservative free dried fruit you have.

Protein Powder- if you want to make these choc bites into more of a snack or feel like you need to add more protein into your diet feel free to add your favourite flavour of vegan protein. Be aware you may need to play with the consistency and liquidity of the ingredients to ensure the powder gets soaked in.

Cinnamon- I didn't add this incredible ingredient list as I forgot to add it to my recipe but I definitely think it will work! Just a pinch can do wonders for your health. Find out its benefits...

As you can tell you can really play around with this recipe. I just wanted to prove that you can make healthy vegan chocolate that tastes amazing in your own kitchen with ingredients you probably already have.

Disclaimer- definitely don't take this recipe with a grain of salt test it, tweak it and mould it into your ideal flavour and consistency.

We hope you like this recipe and found it insightful. If you did check out our Instagram and Facebook for daily healthy goodness!!!

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