How many swimming pools have you filled this year with coffee capsules?

We all love our coffee and for many of us, the consumption of coffee has become a ritual that we enjoy multiple times every day.

The rise in the popularity of capsule style machines has seen our usage of capsules both at home and at work increase exponentially. It is currently estimated that Australians consume between 2.5 and 3 million capsules per day and our love of our capsule coffee machines is only increasing.

Putting this into perspective, Australians are filling an Olympic sized swimming pool with used capsules every 14 days and with the current rate of growth, by 2018, we will be all contributing to filling an Olympic sized swimming pool every week!

Research is telling us that, while large numbers of Australians really enjoy the capsule machine experience, many are increasingly feeling stress or guilt over how they are disposing of the waste. That feeling that you get when this occurs has been identified as a condition called Pod Stress .

Pod Stress - NOUN: Pronunciation A serious condition suffered by over one million Australians up to two or three times every day when forced to put environmentally damaging plastic or aluminum coffee pods in their rubbish.

Did you know that aluminum and plastic capsules will be around for 100's of years after you have gone? The timeline below compares the rate at which these capsules decompose to a range of widely used household products. Frighteningly, some of these capsules may never disappear from our landfill and this is why plastic and aluminium capsules have become the topic of hot debate.

Thankfully there is now a solution that allows you to enjoy great tasting, espresso coffee capsules without generating environmentally destroying waste. You get a great taste with no waste.

The Ethical Coffee Company, maker of the world's finest biodegradable, Nespresso® compatible* espresso capsules are now available in Australia exclusively from their appointed distributor The ecoCaffe Company.

Ethical Coffee Company is a Swiss company, established in 2008 by its CEO, Jean-Paul Gaillard, who, in 2010 following years of research and development, began producing and marketing premium quality espresso in patented biodegradable capsules, compatible with Nespresso®* machines.

By providing the next generation of totally biodegradable capsules, Ethical Coffee Company is revolutionising the coffee capsule market, laying claim to a strong, environmentally friendly approach and committing to real sustainable development. Ethical Coffee Company capsules are compliant with the strict EN13432 biodegradable standards and fully biodegrade within 180 days.

The coffees have been carefully selected and roasted using traditional methods, to the highest quality standards and the capsules are compatible with most Nespresso®* machines.

The result is a first-class espresso that respects the best Italian traditions.

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