Finally, great coffee in a fully biodegradable pod

Nespresso machine compatible

Did you know that there are over 1 million Nespresso machines using approximately 3 million plastic and aluminium coffee pods every day in Australia which will end up in landfill and sit there for 500 years?

A large proportion of these Nespresso machines are used in workplaces.

We supply the world’s first and finest 100% plant-based, certified biodegradable pods for Nespresso machines, in fact, they have been independently tested and proven to breakdown in just 180 days. These unique pods have been developed by the founding CEO of Nespresso and deliver an outstanding coffee experience.

All businesses know that lip service is not enough anymore and changing to biodegradable coffee pods is something that is really easy to do but something makes a big difference. Making the switch will also save money and what business doesn't want to lower their costs?

The Coffee

The Ethical Coffee Research and Development teams have made a dream come true: capturing the quintessential Italian espresso experience in an environmentally- friendly biodegradable capsule.


Ethical Coffee has been pioneering Nespresso®* compatible capsules since 2010.

**Our pods are not suitable for commercial Nespresso machines using the Nespresso Grands Crus disks


Nature gave us the gift of coffee and we have the duty of protecting it by inventing the first ever biodegradable compatible capsule.

Primarily made from 100% bio-sourced plant-based fibres, the Ethical Coffee capsule degrades itself within 6 months after use in an industrial compost (EN13432 Standard).

The Company

EcoCaffe is the sole distributor of Ethical Coffee in Australia, sharing the same values, environmental philosophy and love of coffee. Ethical Coffee is a Swiss company, founded by its Chairman, Jean-Paul Gaillard, the ex-CEO of Nespresso®*.

The idea behind Ethical Coffee is to offer consumers one of the finest espressos in Nespresso®* compatible capsule form, at competitive prices while adopting an environmentally-friendly approach.

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