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The ecoCaffe Company is a 100% Australian owned company that distributes the Dingo Republic Ethical Coffee Series to Australian consumers.

The new Ethical Coffee Series is roasted and ground locally here in Australia. This guarantees the freshest Organic coffee filled in certified compostable & biodegradable capsules which are made out of sugar cane and sugar beet, so contain no aluminium or petroleum based plastics. The Biopods are hermetically sealed for freshness.

The Biodegradable Difference

Biodegradable Difference

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What Our Customers Say

  • I love my EcoCaffe biodegradable coffee pods and drinking Ethical Coffee each and every day. The taste is amazing. - Dani Stevens
  • Happy to have made the switch. Love my eco-freiendly pods. - Jacqui Ryan
  • I love EcoCaffe pods. I am doing a community service by caffeinating myself and I'm helping the planet at the same time! It's genius - Lisa Belleli
  • Love eco pods, for ages I have been looking for an alternative to the standard pods, something environmentally friendly and I finally found you guys. Best thing is the coffee tastes amazing, 5 stars for sure. Will never buy the metal ones again! - Georgie Sinclair
  • Received my delivery of Ethical Coffee pods yesterday. Absolutely beautiful!!! To be honest, I was prepared for a slight drop in quality as compared to the Nespresso pods but seriously, I think yours might be better! - Lisa Pym

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