Tips for getting the best out of your machine

1. To get the most out of your biodegradable compatible Nespresso pods, always flush your Nespresso* machine every morning before use. This simply means that you should push the espresso button, without a coffee pod in it. This will flush the system and warm up the components properly before processing a capsule. You will get a far better result if you do this.

2. Make sure you use the correct button on your coffee machine that matches the type of capsule you have selected - only use “espresso” capsules with the small (espresso) button and "Lungo" (long) capsules with the “long” button. In our range the 3 Lungo blends are Kikombe, Lungo Forte and Lungo.

3. When extraction begins, you should hear our famous “pop”, which is normal when using our capsule, it proves the coffee is extracting correctly. 

4. If you prefer more water and less milk we recommend you do what a barista does which is put a shot of water in the cup from the small button first and then add the capsule and milk. If you like a very large cup simply use two capsules and add water to suit.

5. We do not recommend running extra water through a used capsule as this will cause over-extraction of the coffee which is unlikely to taste great.

6. REMEMBER:  Use only "espresso" capsules with the short serve button and "lungo" capsules with the long serve button.

    1. If you have a U machine, the design of the U machine can occasionally cause particular issues when making long (lungo) espresso. 
    2. The Ethical Coffee Company biodegradable coffee pods capsules work perfectly for espressos and ristrettos. In Lungo mode, our capsules can sometimes get stuck in the U machine.
    3. To take the capsule out if it gets stuck: open the clasp and use a teaspoon to ease the capsule out.

          REMEMBER:  Use only Espresso capsules with the Espresso button and Lungo capsules with the long serve button.  

           *Excluding professional machines, Gaggia, Saeco and Siemens machines, built-in models (Miele) and capsule-holder machines.