TerraCycle Dingo Republic Capsules Recycling Program

For Dingo Republic coffee capsules, we have teamed up with TerraCycle® to enable a premium solution to recycling, ensuring a responsible option for a second life for used capsules. TerraCycle® provides a zero-waste solution for all recyclable coffee pods. All packaging, capsules, lids and coffee ground can be fully recycled.


- Enjoy your delicious Dingo Republic coffee.

- Collect your used capsules. Optionally you can also scoop out the left over grounds from your capsule. This can be composted, put in your regular waste or even reused in a body scrub! This also helps reduce the weight of the returned satchel.

- Place the used or cleaned out Dingo Republic capsules into the pre-paid TerraCycle® postage satchel  and drop this into any Post Box or Post Office addressed to EcoCaffe PO Box 3520, Helensvale Town Centre QLD 4212.

- Once collected we give the capsules a new life, turning them into a range of recycled products!

PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to accept Dingo Republic capsules at this stage.