Don't just take out word for it, here is what some of our customers say...

Emma Veritay says:

"Being an avid coffee pod user, I was shocked to find that Australia goes through on average 3 millions pods per DAY!! As soon as I found this out I immediately researched companies with biodegradable pods. We found EcoCaffe and we have never looked back. My partner is a massive coffee snob, so convincing him to convert I thought would be a challenge... But he LOVES the coffee! We buy a bulk lot, and find that it ends up costing the same as what the individually wrapped non-biodegradable supermarket brands cost."

Jacqui Ryan says:

"Happy to have made the switch. Love my ecofriendly pods"

Jane Spinaze says:

"The pods look and FEEL like strong normal pods! And the coffee tastes just as good (if not better) than the nespresso ones."

Lisa Belleli says:

"I love Ecocaffe pods. I am doing a community service by caffeinating myself and I'm helping the planet at the same time! It's genius!"

Joanne Seater says:

"I love EcoCaffe biodegradable coffee pods. 100% Biodegradable #GreatCoffeeNoWaste"

Natasha Johnstone says:

"Yum!! It's so nice to know I don't have to use the plastic or aluminium pods anymore!! Thanks for a great tasting product, keep it up!”

Georgie Sinclair says:

"Love eco pods, for ages I have been looking for an alternative to the standard pods, something environmentally friendly and I finally found you guys. Best thing is the coffee tastes amazing, 5 Stars for sure. Will never buy the metal ones again."

Dylan Carmichael says:

"Just got my first order from ecoCaffe! Lovely coffee, pretty pods, hyper-convenience, and best of all, I'm not gunking up the environment with aluminium or plastic pods because they rot away within 180 days by using vegetable products for the pods!"

Lisa Pym says:

"Received my first order of EcoCaffe pods yesterday, and tried the Inca Soave. Absolutely beautiful!!! To be honest, I was prepared for a slight drop in quality as compared to the Nespresso pods but seriously, I think yours might be better! Looking forward to trying all the varieties."

Summer Brinkman says:

"This is my find of the day! Biodegradable coffee pods (that have a fair trade and organic range too). Yay!! "

Elizabeth Daly says: "I was lucky enough to receive a variety of your pods to try and review. I love them and so do everyone I has shared them with. The coffee is delicious, perfectly roasted and full of flavour. The fact that the pods are biodegradable is the froth on top. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Dani Stevens says:

"I love my EcoCaffe biodegradable coffee pods and drinking Ethical Coffee each and everyday. The taste is amazing. How do you have your coffee?"