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A safe and effective powder descaler for removing hard water scale from espresso machine boilers, coffee and milk delivery lines. Can also be used to descale bottles and kettles.

Restore is registered by Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) as an allowed input in organic systems and is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). Restore is free from phosphate and Genetically Modified Organisms.

Contains 4 single-use sachets for convenient and measured dosage with every use. Each 25g sachet makes up one litre of descaling solution.

Designed for: Espresso machine boilers, Pod/Capsule coffee machines, thermoblock espresso machines



Descaling your Nespresso machine is necessary from time to time to remove hard water deposits and impurities. We recommend coffee machine descaling at least once a year.

Descaling can be done in six easy steps and should take about 20 minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your machine
    • Turn on your machine
    • Eject any capsule, empty the capsule container and the drip tray
    • Put in 1 liter of warm fresh water (4 cups) in the water container.
    • Mix in a sachet of descaling solution.
    • Place a container than can hold up to one liter of water under the coffee outlet.
  2. Descale Mode
    • Pixie, Essenza, Citiz and Inissia – simultaneously press on two buttons for three seconds until the lights will start to flash quickly; this indicates the machine is in descale mode
    • U – simultaneously press all three buttons for three seconds.until the lights will start to flash quickly; this indicates the machine is in descale mode
    • Lattisima – put in the descaling nozzle, press the cappuccino button.
  3. Descaling your machine
    • Press the Lungo button and wait until the flow has finished
    • Fill the water tank with the used solution
    • Press the Lungo button and let all the descaling solution flow through the machine again
  4. Rinse
    • Empty and rinse out the water container.
    • Refill it with fresh water.
    • Press the Lungo button to empty the container of its content.
    • Empty and rinse out the drip tray.
  5. Exit the Descaling Mode
    • Pixie, Essenza, Citiz and Inissia – press the two buttons simultaneously for three seconds. The lights will flash for 25 seconds during the preheating mode.
    • U – press and hold three buttons simultaneously for three seconds.
    • Latissima – take out the descaling nozzle.
  6. Your machine is now ready for

For more detail, please watch the following demo videos from Nespresso:

Click here to see the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

Note: Be sure to use caution on countertops as this acid formula can have a similar effect as that of lemon juice.

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Australian certified, Fairtrade & Organic Arabica coffees. Roasted & packed locally in Australia.
100%  Biodegradable & Compostable Bio-based capsules.
Coffee beans
Locally roasted & filled into capsules & hermetically sealed. Fresh for up to 12 months.
Coffee cup
Guaranteed compatible with Nespresso Original machines.

Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producer. Total 100%. Visit www.fairtrade.com.au

All our orders come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and we will provide a full refund if you are not 100% happy.

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Sustainability: All capsules and lids will break down in an industrial composting facility where available or can simply be disposed of in your general waste. Please check with your local council. For capsule recycling we have teamed up with TerraCycle® to offer a premium solution to composting, ensuring a responsible option for a second life for used capsules.

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