Allegro - Jumbo Pack - 120 Capsules | Recyclable

  • Allegro - Jumbo Pack - 120 Capsules | Recyclable

Allegro - Jumbo Pack - 120 Capsules | Recyclable



Intensity 12/12

The secret of the Allegro Blend is the relaxed complexity of the rich Honduras and Ethiopian coffees. It has spicy notes of cinnamon and dark currant tones that balance the bright acidity and lively fruit tones of Central American and Ethiopian coffee.

Allegro begins with a satisfying heaviness on your palate. Specially developed for a capsule, expect a big-bodied, syrupy taste with a clean, finish. An intense flavour hit to the mouth of bittersweet chocolate and maple syrup.

Allegro Blend is an inspired correlation of sweet, spicy and floral notes for a smooth, relaxing, standout coffee.

A perfect start to your day!

Roasted and Packed in Australia from Premium imported Coffee in 100% Nespresso® Compatible hermetically sealed capsules using coloured Aluminium foil.

All Packaging, Capsules and Lids can be recycled and added to your Recycling Bin. The coffee can simply be removed from the capsule and added to your compost or to your green waste bin. Thank you for looking after our Environment!
For capsule recycling we have teamed up with TerraCycle® to offer a premium solution to recycling, ensuring a responsible option for a second life for used capsules.