India - Jumbo Pack - 120 Capsules | Recyclable

  • India - Jumbo Pack - 120 Capsules | Recyclable

India - Jumbo Pack - 120 Capsules | Recyclable



Intensity 11/12

If you love a coffee with low acidity, thick body and rich flavours of rum and spice, you have to try our Indian blend!

A blend of Monsoon Malabar, India AA and Kaapi Royal.

This 100% Indian blend showcases the varietals out of India also giving amazing coffee in the cup. 

And a bit of history about Monsoon Malabar:

Historically, it used to take six months for the coffees leaving India in the wooden hulls of sailing ships to make it to Europe. The Indian coffee, which was subject to monsoon humidity in ports, took the flavour of wood and the sea. With Steam Ships and the Suez Cannel, this long trip was shortened, and this "monsooned" flavour disappeared. But this flavour was missed, and thus was born Monsoon Malabar.

Roasted and Packaged in Australia from Premium imported Coffee in 100% Nespresso® Compatible hermetically sealed capsules.

All Packaging, Capsules and Lids can be recycled and added to your Recycling Bin. The coffee can simply be removed from the capsule and added to your compost or to your green waste bin. Thank you for looking after our Environment!
For capsule recycling we have teamed up with TerraCycle® to offer a premium solution to recycling, ensuring a responsible option for a second life for used capsules.