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Nespresso builds a coffee machine that crushes compatible capsules - but not Pressogno

The Empire strikes back! Nespresso crushes compatible capsulesHELENSVALE, QLD, AUSTRALIA, December 3, 2013 -- In their 1 December 2013 edition, the "SonntagsBlick" in Switzerland reports that the latest generation of Nespresso coffee machines are incompatible with some of the capsule clones currently available in the market and has put that claim to the test. Nespresso has changed the way capsules are pierced, causing some compatible capsules to no longer function properly. The needles in the latest Nespresso models are so thin, that they are not able to pierce the capsule of some competitors and in the extreme case, will crush the capsule.

Work performed by the testers from "SonntagsBlick" confirmed for them, that Nespresso has indeed modified the piercing mechanism in such a way, that the new Nespresso machines won't work with some clone capsules. Nespresso appears to be targeting manufacturers of compatible capsules and in an interview confirmed that since July this year, some machines have been equipped with new injectors. This is "part of our ongoing development" of the capsule system.

Jacobs capsules from US-manufacturer Mondelez perform extremely badly. In 6 out of 10 tests, the capsule was crushed. "With this modification, Nespresso must be specifically targeting Mondelez", says an industry expert.

Pressogno issued the following statement:

i) The technical modifications that Nespresso machines have undergone in 2013 in no way impact the functionality of our Pressogno capsules.

ii) The capsule that Pressogno is currently using is designed in such a way that the new thinner piercing needles (injectors) do not penetrate through to touch the flat pre-perforated surface, the needles won't be damaged and the capsules won't change shape.

iii) The height of the Pressogno capsule is 27mm, the height of the Nespresso capsule is 28.2mm

Important Note:
As a world first, Pressogno will be launching a closed system capsule in the first quarter of 2014 made out of PBT (Polybutylenterephthalat), an environmentally-friendly material, consisting of 80% recycled PET, which will not only minimise packaging, but also help reduce our carbon footprint.

The surface material of the new Pressogno capsule shows, when compared to the original Nespresso capsule, equivalent performance in the piercing by the injectors of the capsule. The thinner needles in the new Nespresso machines are not negatively impacted.

About Pressogno
Pressogno is a small but passionate enterprise that has achieved in the last 2 years with its new and lower cost capsule a 6% market share in Switzerland alone, the home of Nespresso. Pressogno operates globally and distributes their premium coffee products through selected food retailers under the Pressogno brand or under Private Labels. The target markets are upper price segments in department stores, food retailers and convenience stores.

About Espressorium
Espressorium is dedicated to sustainability and quality. For that reason, Espressorium is proud to be the exclusive Australasian supplier for the Pressogno coffee capsules after the coffee’s enormous success across Europe.

Espressorium doesn't spend hundreds of thousands on A-list celebrities to endorse our products. With their delightfully rich and diverse premium Nespresso-compatible capsules available at more than 20% cost savings, who needs George anyway?

With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, Espressorium offers customers a full refund if they are dissatisfied for any reason.

Espressorium coffee capsules retail for A$4.90 per box of 10 capsules and are available for purchase at www.espressorium.com.au. Espressorium is also currently in negotiations with a major Australian retailer and will be issuing a press release shortly.

Link to Press release:

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